Casual Games

Entertaining ways to pass time

World of Warcraft Tower Defense

Puzzle Pirates isn't just a single game but rather a large collection of mini games that occupy a shared space where players can interact. You can play against each other or against the AI. It's a pretty good way to occupy yourself for 30 minutes or more. Although you can spend real money on in-game items and access to all the games you can also play for free. The premium games are offered for free on different days of the week. Most of the games are of the match objects by shapes or color variety with different ways of doing the matching and different outcomes.

Kongregate is home to a large collection of games including Desktop Tower Defense, and 3D Logic among others.

N is a fantastic platform game done in flash where you maneuver a stick figure ninja through a maze of death.

Any worthwhile list must of course include Popcap Games. Popcap is the creator of many classics including Bejewled, Zuma, Chuzzle and many many more. These games can be played online or, if you want to take it with you, downloaded for inexpensive buys or free trials.

Dungeon Runners is a Diablo style game that combines both free and subscription play. The restriction on free accounts is that they cannot equip the best items which are marked as being for subscribers only.

Adventure Quest is a 2D side view adventure game that can be played in your browser. You can play for free or purchase a guardianship for a one time fee of $19.95 which gives you access to 5 additional character levels as well as items and armor unavailable to non-guardians.

Dofus is a free fantasy MMO that you can download and play. There are a great many of these free mmo's but Dofus stands out as being one of the highest quality games available in terms of both gameplay and visual appeal.

Anarchy Online, Shadowbane and Archlord are all formerly subscription based MMO's that moved to the free model sometime after they were released. Anarchy Online is a science fiction themed MMO with randomly generated missions and instances and some faction based pvp. Shadowbane is a player driven world where the only cities are the ones established by the player's themselves and has a free-for-all model of pvp where anyone can be attacked at any time. Archlord is also a pvp focused game where players fight amongst each other to become the Archlord, ruler of the game world.

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