Hellgate Tips

For those of you playing Hellgate: London here are some tips that might be useful.


  • You can travel to any station you have already visited instantly by using the Station Travel Terminal at each quest hub.
  • There are two ways of quickly returning to the station from the dungeon
    • Use a Personal Recal Device (PRD) which will create a portal to the station and allow you to return to where you used the device when you are finished there.
    • You will find a portal skill at the bottom of your skills page. It looks like a big blue circle. Move that to your hotkey bar and it will create a one way portal to the last station you visited when used.
  • When you are in a group you can create a portal that will take you to the location of any party member by clicking on the small blue circle under their portrait.
  • When in a group you cannot travel to a part of the game world you have not yet reached. If you haven't quested beyond Charring Cross you wont be able to join friends at any of the areas around Temple Station.

The Mini-Game
At the bottom right of your screen you will see three symbols near your power display. These are the goals of the mini game. Each symbol represents an action you can take while playing and the number corresponds to how many times you need to perform that action to complete the step. Once you complete a step it will be drawn solidly rather than outlined and the color will change. Once you complete all three steps several quality items will be dropped around you.
Symbol Meaning

  • Kill a type of enemy
    • Hand: Zombies
    • 5 pointed star: Demons
    • 7 pointed star (curved points): Spectrals
    • Teeth: Beasts
  • Do a certain type of damage
    • Flames: Fire damage
    • Bent, downward pointing arrow: Electricity
    • Hammer: Physical
    • 7 pointed star (straight points): Spectral damage
    • Biohazard symbol: Poison damage
  • Loot a type of item
    • Sword: Pick up swords
    • Pistol: Pick up guns
    • Helmet: Pick up armor
    • Gear and Wrench: Pick up Modification items (scopes, fuel cells, etc)
    • 5 pointed star in a circle: Pick up a relic (other things sometimes seem to work also)
  • Other
    • The triangle or illuminati symbol is satisfied by turning in a quest
    • The splash symbol, an uneven star w/ many points is satisfied by scoring critical hits


  • When selling items to the vendor green items will sell for 20 credits more if you identify them (5 less than the cost of the ID tool). Blue and orange items sell for considerably more once they are identified.
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