Hellgate London

Hellgate London is a fantasy FPS/RPG set in and underneath the destroyed city of London 30 years in the future. The game has the player fighting off demonic hordes using a variety of weapons both modern, traditional, technology based and magical. It is the goal of the player to find and close the Hellgate from which the demons entered the city.

It looks like there are two base classes to choose from: The Templar who resembles a fighter in heavy armor and the Cabalist who is the more magic oriented class.

Hellgate is being made by Flagship studios which was formed by former Blizzard employees who worked on games such as Diablo. Hellgate has lots of loot dropped by monters when they are killed as well as randomly generated levels. The player will experience the story through quests and completion of the quests will advance the story. In addition to the main quests there will also be randomly generated missions along the way.

The game promises a wide array of distinctively different weapons which can be upgraded with an assortment of addons. Which addons and how many can be applied depends on the particular weapon.

Overall the game should be very Diablo-like with lots of things to kill and loot to grab. The randomly generated levels and missions should add to the games replay value if they are done well.

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