Huxley is being billed as an MMOFPS. The game will use the Unreal engine and in the screenshots I've seen it looks pretty good. They are calling it an FPS but it has many of the elements you would find in an RPG. There are enemies to kill, loot to grab and experience points to earn to raise your level. The FPS angle manifests in the way the game is played. Instead of using the pseudo-turn based mechanics of traditional MMORPG's Huxley has been built around the twitch style of play commonly found in games such as half-life or quake.

The story goes that there was a world altering disaster in the game's past which divided the human race into two sub-species. Each race comes in two varieties. One more suited to overt combat and the other to a more covert approach. Both sides fight against a third which is a Hybrid of the others and it is this third race that will be the opposition in the PvE portion of the game.

PvP is the focus of Huxley. Players will gain experience through PvE content and quests but there is a different kind of experience that can only be earned through PvP. They describe this PvP experience as 'Horizontal' development and it appears that you will gain the ability to use new skills through it.

My interest in the game is fairly low. On the surface Huxley appears to be another shallow Korean MMO focused on PvP. I will be interested to see exactly how their character development system works out though as it seems quite different from anything else on the market. The game looks good and as long as it plays as good as it looks it should be entertaining at least for a little while.

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