Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet for PS3 is a very interesting game that should be out in early 2008. It breaks out of all traditional game genres to offer something completely new and does it with a very appealing sense of style. Little Big Planet gives players a world to explore and lets them create their own areas. Each area in the game is something like a cross between an amusement park and an obstacle course. You will need to find your way through the area by traversing the objects in it, collecting pieces for yourself and solving puzzles to open up new paths. There will be enemies along the way but rather than fight them in the traditional sense you have to find your way around them.

Once players have learned how to manipulate the world in which everything can be interacted with they can build their own private areas. Once an area has been created it can be kept private or shared with others online.

I see this game as being a pleasant pass time, an amusing diversion from traditional games. Something to poke around with and have a little fun. Unfortunately I don't (yet) have a PS3 so my interest is somewhat academic at the moment. Still this looks to be a very creative game and one you wont regret taking a few minutes to learn about.


Collection of trailers at
YouTube Video of Co-op play
YouTube Content Creation Demo (low audio)
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