Raiding in Lord of the Rings Online

A couple weeks ago Turbine pushed out the scheduled update, Shores of Eventide. This update filled the content gap that occurred in the mid 30's and fixed some of the UI issues with the auction house and other systems. In addition to that it also added the first raid instance.

The guild I am in had a group ready to go on launch day and we were not disappointed. We had fun working out the first few encounters and beat several of the bosses on our first night. We spent more than a few hours working through the dungeon and were excited to come back and continue the next day.

When we returned we discovered not the partially cleared instance we expected but one that was fresh and new. It turns out the content was released the day before it was scheduled to reset so we had to start over from the beginning.

No problem. We cleared quickly through the things we had worked out before and started in on new stuff. Finally we called it a night and planned to come back again the next day.

The next day some people were late so we went in and cleared a side boss we had skipped before. As expected he dropped no worthwhile loot and was declared a waste of time. By now the late comers started to trickle in and were invited to the raid. Almost immediately we discovered a problem. They could not enter the instance. In fact, as long as they were even in the raid group no one who left could enter the instance either. It turns out Turbine is comprised of a bunch of idiots. They designed their raid locks in such a way that every time you defeat a boss you receive a new raid id. If someone misses a single kill weather it be because they left early or were disconnected during the fight they will not be able to rejoin the group because their id will not match the id held by everyone else. You can bring in people who have no raid id for that instance at all but anyone who misses so much as a single boss kill after the start is fucked.

For some mysterious reason raid attendance dropped like a streamlined brick after we figured this out. Although we killed the first few bosses once or twice more we only managed to attempt the final boss twice. The first time it was late and we just wanted to see what we were in for. We called him down (a dragon) and started the fight but got killed pretty quickly. Once more we decided to wait till the next day before coming back and working out how to kill him and once more when we came back the next day we were fucked. This time because the final boss was not there and we could not summon him a second time.

We waited for the next reset and tried again, cleared the instance, collected the items needed to summon him and set them aside for the next day. The next day we came in fully prepared to kill the dragon. We gathered around the summoning spot, laid out our strategy got everyone fully buffed and started the summoning. And that is as far as we ever got. For whatever reason it took the summoning items but did not summon the boss. We put in tickets to the GM's and after several hours and a couple of escalations later all they could do was tell us to fill out a bug report.

That was more than two weeks ago and despite several scheduled raids since then we have not once had enough people show up to actually go in and attempt even the early bosses. I hereby declare raiding in LoTRo to be fucking dead and invite Turbine to kiss my ass.

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