Archonia Fundamentals

World Design:

  • Discontinuous, areas can be added or removed w/o disruption to the rest of the world
  • Mix of static, persistent content and dynamically created areas created from a mix of hand built segments and machine generated material.
  • Multi-tiered layout:
    • Overworld serves as a hub for player mechanics and travel
    • Dreamworld provides the primary adventure areas and housing
    • Underworld is home to the central antagonist and core fictional elements


  • Goal: Players are active participants. Combat is reactionary with strategic elements
  • Works around an advantage/disadvantage system where players try to create and exploit openings in the opponent's defenses.
  • Combat remains fast paced for most fights and is resolved quickly
  • Boss/Mini boss fights as well as pvp take greater care and planning and will take longer to resolve.
  • Most fights will involve the player facing 1, 2 or 3 enemies at once.


  • Resource Gathering
    • Resources will not be placed as scattered nodes
    • Crafting will advance through training which is purchased from PC's/NPC's
    • A single recipe will state only the general type of material needed
    • Many materials will be available to satisfy recipe requirements
    • Outcome will vary depending on materials selected
    • Common resources will be gathered in large quantities from single nodes in logical locations
      • Metals, Stone, Gems will be found in Mountainous or Rocky Terrain
      • Hides, Wool, Food items will be gathered/raised/grown on farms
      • Lumber will be gathered and milled from camps in forested areas
    • Rare materials, essential for exceptional items, gathered from adventure content
      • Boss loot will contain rare materials
      • Rare materials may be acquired as quest rewards
      • Treasure found in creature lairs or hidden chests may contain rare materials
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