----Game---- Interest Description System(s) Release Date
Age of Conan Higher PvE focused fantasy MMO more... PC 05/20/2008
Mass Effect (PC) High Sci Fi RPG from Bioware PC 05/30/2008
Space Siege Medium Sci-Fi RPG from Dungeon Siege Developer more... PC 08/26/2008
Spore High An extremely creative sim evolution game PC 09/07/2008
Fallout 3 High New version of the classic post apocolyptic RPG PC 09/10/2008
Warhammer Online Medium PvP Centric fantasy MMO in the warhammer universe more... PC Q3/2008
Huxley Low MMO/FPS Hybrid more... PC, 360 Q4/2008
Little Big Planet Medium This will take some explaining... PS3 Q4/2008
Starcraft 2 Medium New version of starcraft PC ~2008
Dragon Age Medium New fantasy RPG from bioware PC ~2008
Rise of the Argonauts High Fantasy RPG based on characters of Greek Lore PC ~2008
The Chronicles of Spellborn High An interesting looking fantasy MMO with a very distinctive style and unique setting. PC ~2008
Aion Medium Fantasy MMO More... PC ~2008
Talisman High Classic tabletop game ported to the PC more... PC, PS3, 360 ~2008
Dungeon Hero High Great looking dungeon crawler PC ~2008/2009
Project Offset Medium Fantasy themed FPS PC, PS3, 360 ~2009
Gothic 4 High Fantasy RPG PC, PS3, 360 ~2009

MMO's in development

Developer Title Theme
Sony The Agency Secret Agent style MMO
**NOT** Perpetual Star Trek Online Klingons, Vulcans, you know the drill Jan 2008: ST License was transferred w/o code. Future of the game in doubt.
Interplay unknown Fallout Gamasutra News Bite
Bioware unknown Probably a Star Wars themed MMO similar to Knights of the Old Republic
Blizzard unknown Not a Warcraft sequel or expansion
Crytpic Studios unknown Appears to be something like Indiana Jones meets HP Lovecraft Cryptic's 'In Development' page
Crytpic Studios Champions Online Super Hero MMO based on the Champions Pen & Paper RPG
Square Enix unknown Probably not set in the final fantasy universe Gamespot News Item
.38 Studios Copernicus Working with RA Salvatore and Todd McFarlane Check the 'Inside 38' link at the bottom
THQ\Vigil Warhammer 40k Online Warhammer 40k Gamasutra Q&A
Zenimax unknown unknown but Zenimax is the parent company of Bethesda: possibly an Elder Scrolls MMO
Slipgate Ironworks unknown unknown Gamasutra Article
Cheyenne Mountain Stargate Worlds Sci-Fi MMO based on the Movie/Television series ~2009
Gravity Interactive Requiem: Bloodymare Fantasy/Horror
CCP / White Wolf World of Darkness No info except based on the White Wolf pen and paper game world
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