The Witcher has all the necessary ingredients to be a truly outstanding RPG. The story and setting are expertly crafted by a group of developers who seem to have a personal stake in how the game turns out. The game makers promise us a meticulously crafted world where the hero is distrusted by those he helps where we can choose which paths we follow. The many choices made along the journey will determine which of the games multiple outcomes will be brought to fruition.

There is only one character to be played but how that character develops is up to the player. The character will be able to advance in swordsmanship, magic, and alchemy in any combination. There are 250 unique skills and abilities that forgo the traditional approach of having different levels of each skill. Instead you either have the skill or you don't. As you play the game new skills will be made available as a result of choices made and how the story plays out.

If you haven't already you really should take a look at the material on the game's Official Website to get a feel for it.

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